Pizzelle amore

Adam found some delicious caramel toffee pizzelles the last time we were at Whole Foods. At 23 calories a pop, they are such a tasty and guilt-free treat.  Perfectly thin and crispy with just the right hint of sweetness and flavor. Marcus thought he’d hit the jackpot when we gave him two for dessert, and Gavin nodded his little head in approval while munching happily on his.

Besides enjoying them plain, you can do all sorts of fun things with pizzelles – sandwich ice cream between them, pile them high between layers of whipped cream or pudding, crush them into a topping, heat them in the oven and shape them into tubes, cups, cones, and tacos ready for filling…

But at $4.99 for a package of about 40, they’re not exactly cheap.  That’s more than $0.12 per cookie!  Given the simple ingredients, I bet I could make them for a lot less.  Yes, it makes economic sense for me to get myself this pizzelle maker.

I bet the hubs wouldn’t protest too much if I made him piles of these.

We’d have to make and eat only 320 pizzelles to recover the cost of the machine.  (I know our two boys wouldn’t mind!)