The E.R.

We had our first visit to the E.R. with the boys today — pretty fortunate overall given that Marcus is turning 4 in a few months.

Anyway, Gavin was fine this morning.  He was his usual happy-go-lucky self all day.  After putting him down for his nap, I had to go ‘supervise’ Marcus for his nap (in other words, I sit in his room and shush him until he falls asleep–otherwise he just yuks it up in there and doesn’t nap).  I was reading A Dance with Dragons on my iPhone when I suddenly heard what I can only describe as a loud honk-barking noise coming from the direction of Gavin’s room.  I went to his room, eased the door open a crack and peeped in.  Gavin was sitting up in bed and breathing a little heavily.  I stood there and listened a bit longer, but ended up returning to Marcus’ room when nothing else happened.

5 minutes later, I heard the honk-bark noise again.  This time I almost tripped myself running into Gavin’s room.  I picked him up and held him in my lap.  He didn’t have a temperature and seemed in fairly good spirits, but his breathing was extremely labored.  Every inhale and exhale sounded like he was forcing it through a sea of phlegm.  When he tried to cry, he made the crazy honk-barking noise.  The hubs and I called our pediatrician, who could hear Gavin’s wheezing in the background.  She recommended that we take him to the E.R., so off we went.

Man, the ‘burbs are great.  This would have been an epic hours-long ordeal at our old hospital in the city.  Here, we drove to a hospital that has a children’s E.R. (complete with decorated examining areas, lots of books, friendly staff, ample parking, etc.), were admitted almost immediately, and had Gavin examined by a nurse and a doctor in quick succession.  The poor little guy has croup, which, by the way, is characterized by a cough that sounds like a barking seal.  (Seals apparently honk when they bark.)  Anyway, the E.R. doc fixed Gavin up with some steroids in apple juice and sent us on our way.  He sounds a lot better tonight and had no trouble falling asleep.  My poor baby!