Hi, I’m Ngoc.  I’m a mom to two wonderful boys and a wife to a loving husband.  I’m a cook, a lawyer, a dreamer, an artist, a traveler, a someday entrepreneur, and a wannabe DIYer.  My split Type A and Type B personalities are at constant war with one another.  I love books, music, coffee, kitchen gadgets, cooking ‘family dinners’ with my son, entertaining friends, good TV, bad TV, movies, webcomics, beauty products, shopping, and our awesome new house in the ‘burbs.  My days are jam-packed and it seems I never get enough sleep.  I can’t believe I once had the time to regularly bento! I just want 48 hours in a day so that I can start working out again, try out new recipes, finish unpacking, design and decorate the boys’ rooms, decorate the rest of the house, bake lots of cookies and sweets, plant an herb garden and a centerpiece of succulents, organize and sell off baby stuff, come up with a valid business enterprise, sleep…

The main characters in my life:

Adam & NgocAdam

  • Age: 14 mos. older than me
  • Role: handsome, witty and loving husband, best friend, doting and idolized father
  • Skills: barista extraordinaire (his cappuccinos are to die for), barrister extraordinaire (white collar criminals beware!), lifeguard, parallel parking, eating, diapering, sailing
  • Likes: dessert, running, music, gadgets, coffee beans and paraphernalia, anything Apple, playing with his boys, spending time with his lovely wife (of course!), Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Hawaii
  • Dislikes: messes, browning grass, crying/screaming in the car, picky eating, rude service, crazy and/or inept drivers, humidity
  • Favorite TV shows: Lost, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, True Blood, Dexter, Rome, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Entourage


  • Age: 3-1/2 years old
  • Role: the serious one, a loving and protective older brother at times, a jealous and/or aloof one at others, Daddy’s shadow (a.k.a. the Barnacle), Mom’s cuddlebug
  • Skills: Lego and train track building, talking, memorizing (he knows all sorts of song lyrics and books by heart), creating languages, talking, cooking (with Mom), giving orders, talking, being goofy, skuut riding, identifying vehicle makes by logo, oh, did I mention talking?
  • Likes: Weddy (his bear), chocolate, playing, music, all of the Cars and Cars 2 characters, trains, planes, anything with wheels, pretending, making rules, being a big boy, school, the pool, cooking, dessert, peanut butter, books, stickers, puzzles
  • Dislikes: trying new things, most vegetables (he’s getting better), whole fruits, bounce houses, bugs, thunder, loud noises, Babyzilla (Gavin in full destroyer mode), change
  • Favorite TV shows: Sesame Street, Dora, Diego, Roary, Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Berenstain Bears, Sportscenter


  • Age: 16 months old
  • Role: the goofy one, a crazy, fun-loving, giggling, laughing, luscious ball of fun, a true entertainer, the snugglebug
  • Skills: making you laugh, dancing (he’s got rhythm!), eating with utensils (not too shabby), being polite (“kaykoo!” = thank you), looking amazingly cute, blowing bubbles in the pool and being fearless in the water, playing hide ‘n seek
  • Likes: his big brother, his big brother’s toys, clementines, bananas, pineapple, eating off of others’ plates, wearing hats and sunglasses, pretending to talk on the phone (“H’lo?  H’lo?”), destroying Lego and Lincoln Log masterpieces, dancing (especially with others), playing with balls, gnawing on his crib, throwing things down the stairs, hiding, being chased, climbing, cuddling
  • Dislikes: being left behind, being ignored by Marcus, being hungry/thirsty, dirty diapers, baby gates, swollen gums from teething, anyone saying “no” to him
  • Favorite TV shows: none yet, but he starts bopping when he hears the Sesame Street theme song

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