What was cooked

I was right – I was overly ambitious in planning our meals for this past week.  Well, maybe that’s not quite right.  I just had to make some changes on the fly to accommodate a brunch play date, a much needed haircut for me (yay!), and some other things.  I ended up not making some things, but I’m pretty pleased that no food has gone to waste.  I hate it when food goes bad before I can cook it. Anyway, this is how things really went down.


  • Dinner for the boys – Cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, avocado, fruit (Marcus did ok with his burger, Gavin hated his)
  • Our dinner – Shrimp burgers with chili mayo, sweet potato fries, salad (I had made a double batch of shrimp burgers from a recipe in The Beach House Cookbook a while back and popped extra patties into the freezer; I thawed them in the fridge during the day and they cooked up beautifully)
  • Extra – Picked apart a rotisserie chicken, saved the meat for soups this week, stored carcass in the freezer to make stock later)


  • Dinner for the boys – Beef Stroganoff, veggies, fruit (forgot to buy beef, so they had the Chicken Tikka Masala that had been planned for later in the week; both of them loved it)
  • Our dinner – West African Spicy Peanut Soup served over some rice with a steamed veggie (great recipe that I will have to post at some point, went with steamed cauliflower tossed in garlic salt and white pepper)


  • Dinner for the boys – Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup (pretty good, very easy, but I would lessen the sesame oil next time; recipe here; Gavin liked his soup, Marcus only thought it was ok)
  • Our dinner – Spiced Crumbled with Peas, Guferati (Indian green beans), rice (I had to bail on this one entirely as the cooking times didn’t mesh with my spontaneously scheduled haircut; we ended up having Pan-Fried Trout with a Lemon-Butter-Chive Sauce, the Polenta with Beans & Vegetables that had been planned for later, and garlicky green beans)


  • Breakfast – Buttermilk pancakes with all the fixin’s (scrapped these for a more ‘normal’ breakfast as we decided to entertain guests on Sunday)
  • Lunch – Waffle-grilled cheese sandwiches, leftover Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup (kids weren’t wild about the sandwiches, which basically are grilled cheeses squashed in your waffle maker)
  • Family dinner – Caramelized Catfish in a Claypot, Carrot & Bean Thread Noodle Soup, rice (everything came out great, will have to post recipes at some point; kids really enjoyed the food)
  • Extra – Make a batch of Polenta with Beans & Vegetables in the slow cooker, refrigerate for the next day (made this on Friday night instead; it was too runny for breakfast on Saturday, so I put it on the stove again and cooked it with more polenta to firm it up)
  • Extra – Prepped two pans of Overnight French Toast for Sunday morning


  • Breakfast – Fried polenta cakes (using polenta from Saturday) with eggs over easy (scrapped this and instead had a brunch play date with friends and their three kids; on the menu – Overnight French Toast, scrambled eggs with chives, bacon, apple-maple chicken sausage, fruit salad)
  • Lunch – “Squashed” Pancakes with applesauce (we were too full from brunch and just skipped lunch)
  • Family dinner – Chicken chili with all the fixins, tortilla chips, salad (a family favorite; pulled a batch from the freezer so this one was easy peasy)
  • Extra – Make a batch of broccoli cheese soup (maybe with chicken added) (too wiped out to make this)


  • Breakfast – Fried polenta cakes (using polenta from Saturday) with eggs over easy (came out pretty well, but was not as tasty as polenta cakes made with broccoli and parmesan; will have to do that kind next time)
  • Dinner for the boys – Broccoli Cheese Soup, crackers, fruit (they had leftover West African Chicken Soup with rice instead; Marcus was a big fan, Gavin not so much)
  • Our dinner – Farfalle with Sausage, Cannellini Beans & Kale (why cook another meal when you have delicious leftovers – Caramelized Catfish in a Claypot and Carrot & Bean Thread Noodle Soup; I also cooked up some Asian-Style Brussels Sprouts from The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook)


  • Dinner for the boys – Chicken Tikka Masala (going the emergency route with chicken hotdogs from Whole Foods, mac ‘n cheese, veggies, fruit)
  • Our dinner – Mapo Dofu, steamed veggie, brown rice (this one is getting bumped and we’re having the Farfalle with Sausage, Cannellini Beans & Kale planned for yesterday)

So not too bad, right?  I have to plan out next week’s meals tonight so that I have enough time tomorrow to work out, go to the Vietnamese grocery in a neighboring town, and then do the standard run to Harris Teeter and/or Whole Foods.  It really does feel like I’m constantly doing errands or work all of the time.  ‘Me time’ is always last on the list.  As the hubs says, being an adult really sucks sometimes.  Ha!


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