Happy New Year!

We got back from Christmas Part III this afternoon and had a little time to rest and start unpacking before our friends came over for our little New Year’s Eve get together.  My friends, D and S, and I were all pregnant with our first boys together.  S gave birth to G towards the end of September 2007, I was two weeks late and gave birth to Marcus at the beginning of November, and then D was early and gave birth to E nine days later.  So our boys have grown up together and are pretty good buddies.  Fast forward a few years and we’re all preggers again.  This time I was first with Gavin in April 2010, D followed with her daughter J 12 days later, and then S brought up the rear with her daughter V in June (S was a little delayed on the baby bandwagon, perhaps because she went and moved to NYC).

Anyway, I was a little nervous as we’ve never hosted this large a group before — two families of four — and everyone was staying overnight.  But things worked out great!  The kids played together really well with a minimum of adult intervention, the adults were able to talk, and we were able to coordinate simultaneous bath times and get the kids to bed without too much difficulty. Marcus camped out in Gavin’s room on a toddler-sized blow-up mattress, E slept in Marcus’ bed with J in a pack ‘n play in the same room, and G and V were in the basement bedroom with another pack ‘n play and blow up mattress.  Then we adults vegged out on the couch, enjoyed some wine, and worked really hard to stay awake until the countdown.  We didn’t last much longer than that. 😉

Kid heaven: dinner of hot dogs and mac 'n cheese followed by D's chocolate pie (made with avocados!). L-to-R: G, E, Marcus

Gavin and J also enjoyed the pie.

After their dinner, we parked the kids in front of the Curious George movie so that we could eat (take-out Indian!). L-to-R: J, Gavin, E, G, Marcus (looking a little freaked out).

V joins the couch party.

The next morning, D and her family headed out after a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage handmade by D and her husband, bacon, overnight baked french toast, and fruit.  S and her family stayed for lunch before heading out.

G and Marcus deep in conversation. (They were really cracking each other up.)


V and Gavin companionably eating together. At one point they clinked their cups together and V said, "Cheers!" So cute.

So now the last of our holiday festivities are over.  With all of our travel and whatnot, this was not the most restful holiday for us, but it certainly was fun!

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