Marcus on revenge

So we clamber out of the car after a 4-1/2 hour drive down to NC to see my parents for Xmas Part III.  Gavin drops his bunny (“Bina”) onto the driveway.  Just as I’m groaning to myself about the bunny getting dirty (Gavin chews on it, buries his face in it, can’t sleep without it, etc.), Marcus purposely comes over and stomps on the bunny with both feet, grinding it into the driveway.  We’re appalled.

When Marcus remains unrepentant despite much effort on our part to show him the error of his ways, (a perhaps slightly frustrated) Adam plucks one of the many stuffed animals Marcus is clutching in his arms (a small, scared looking lion named “Mia”) and punts it down the length of the driveway.

This is what Mia looks like.  You sort of want to kick her too, right? I’m kidding!  (Mostly.)

Anyway, Marcus stomps off to retrieve the lion and then huffs his way back.  We brace ourselves for a huge outburst as he looks like he’s about to erupt into a huge crying jag.  Instead…

Marcus:  Daddy.  Daddy!  When you do something, and then someone does it back to you, do they do that in Italy?

Me (in an aside to Adam):  Is he asking if there’s revenge in Italy?

(a regretful) Adam:  No, Marcus, they don’t do that in Italy.

Me:  It’s too bad for you that we’re not in Italy though.

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