Growing boy

Adam took the day off from work today to take Marcus to his pediatrician for his 4-year check up today.  We’ve been worried about Marcus’ picky eating and extreme aversion to most veggies and fruits.

I guess we should try to relax a little.  His doctor said that Marcus is doing fine.  He’s in the 95th percentile for height and the 90th percentile for weight.  I still don’t like how he refuses fruits/veggies either on principle or on the mistaken belief that I’m trying to kill him.  But I guess we’ll keep moving forward with our general strategies: (1) don’t force food on him; (2) involve him in cooking; (3) make trying new foods fun and adventurous; and (4) keep our fingers crossed.  We’re totally guilty of tying dessert to mealtimes.  I know you’re not supposed to do it, but how am I expected to say, “Sure, have a cookie even though you’ve eaten only two bites of your dinner”?  Well, at least his eating habits haven’t stunted his growth.  Yet.

Oh, and poor kid had to get a flu shot.  Ouch!

Ice cream (fro yo) makes everything better though.

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