Best cupcake eating technique

We discovered that Gavin learned a new word today.  Somewhere between Marcus’ birthday party a couple of weeks ago and then Marcus’ little buddy E’s 4th birthday party that we went to today, Gavin made the connection between the birthday song and the candles, cake, and goodies.  When he caught sight of the cupcakes and desserts being set out on the table, Gavin excitedly ran forward, chanting “birt-day! birt-DAY! BIRT-DAY!”  He could barely stay calm long enough to get through the singing and to his treat.

Apparently unsatisfied with his cupcake eating performance at Marcus’ party, Gavin developed a new method of enjoying cupcakes.

Face first. No hands. Like a puppy.

"What? Doesn't everyone eat cupcakes like this?"

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