Happy Halloween!

Life has been crazy around here and just haven’t had the time to post as regularly as I’d like.  Anyway, here are some pictures of my little men from Halloween!

Cowardly Lion & Scarecrow

Just before heading out

A little unsure of themselves at first...

...but they caught on pretty fast! (Despite multiple "Just take one, honey" encouragements, Gavin grabbed double fistfuls of candy at every house. Kid doesn't even know what candy is yet.)

Some of our decorations. Left skeleton's head lights up, along with little red eyes in the tombstones.

Our jack o' lantern ended up looking rather elf-like.

3D glowing mummies in the front windows.

Bat lantern.

Luminary made from orange crepe paper (each had a different pumpkin face).

We had a ton of fun this year!  Halloween in the family-friendly burbs was certainly different than in the big city.  For example, we never would have left out a bowl of candy while trick-or-treating with our boys.  That would have lasted about the 5 seconds it took for the first person who spied it to empty it into his/her bag.  Here, the first bowl lasted at least 20 minutes.  Ha!

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