On his own two feet

He doesn’t look too happy about it here, but the Gav finally is standing and walking on his own.  He took his first steps a couple of months ago (at 15 months) but then resolutely refused to walk.  Any attempt to get him to stand resulted in him wailing angrily and throwing himself backwards, often nearly braining himself in the process.  We always thought that he would learn to walk quickly in order to keep up with Marcus, but not so.  If he wants to get somewhere quickly, he drops to all fours, puts his head down, and then powers forward like a little bull, sometimes swinging his head side to side for good measure. So adorable!

Now that Gavin finally is vertical, I’m sure he’ll soon be running about, wreaking all kinds of havoc.  I’m still not used to seeing him upright without support!  (Judging from his expression, I don’t think he’s quite used to it either…)

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